Free services

Our guiding principle: once we decide to display your holiday rental, we take care of 100% of the investments to promote it (visit, additional photos, translations, advertising, web pages ...). There is therefore no fixed cost for you (no advertising fee, no referencing fee) and no time commitment: you can cancel your announcement any time by a simple email.

Our mandate is non-exclusive (you have at any time the freedom to decide the periods of availability or unavailability, whatever your reason). Our mission is to provide you with tenants within the conditions that you set. We are not involved in managing the tenants, which is your role, in the manner that suits you (contracts, receipts, reception, household...). The majority of owners organize these services in a simple way with the help of a local correspondents (neighbors, friends or family), and using the services of local cleaning company or maids. We will help you get started by giving you professional advice, a proven standard contract and recommendations, gained from the experience of hundreds of homeowners

Price list of our services (subject to our acceptance)
Registering and referencing feesFree
Reviewing your renting price, offering professional advice regarding your announcementFree
Display an online announcement in both French and English, editing and displaying photosFree
Offering practical or legal advice, supplying you with of a proven standard contractFree
Visiting your location (during spring or fall), taking additional photographiesFree
Online advertising, referencing on search engines, search engine optimization, smalls ads, partnership with advertisersFree
Providing telephone and email answering for tenants, answering their enquiries and offering advicesFree

Small percentage of booking income

Our services are paid only on result, once a booking is confirmed through our website. The prices we display to the tenants include a small commission that we add to your usual fare or net for you. The commission is due only once you have cashed the deposit of the tenants, there is therefore no advance nor risk for you.

The amount of the fee is based on the price of rent. The following table gives the amount calculated for some representative values :

Net income for homeowner (price per week)Fees Vat includedDisplayed price Vat included
260 € 40 € 300 €
460 € 40 € 500 €
710 € 40 € 750 €
930 € 70 € 1 000 €
1395 € 105 € 1 500 €
1 860 € 140 € 2 000 €
2 325 € 175 € 2 500 €
2 790 € 210 € 3 000 €
3 255 € 245 € 3 500 €
3 720 € 280 € 4 000 €
4 650 € 350 € 5 000 €

These revenues allow us to fund a very large advertising budget, inaccessible to owners or local actors. And provide all the benefits of the reservations center prior to the decision of the tenants.