The websites ™ and ™ are websites specializing in holiday rentals in the South of France and Caribbean islands. They welcome owners without announcement fees, without exclusivity, and with a quality criteria: comfort, cleanliness and good value for money consistent with market prices. Maisons en Vacances is involved with owners to publish detailed ads with beautiful photos, a professional opinion and a proven marketing presentation. Maisons en Vacances visits all locations, provides additional photos, designs and manages online advertising and broadcast on the Internet.

The website is in French as well: ™, our clientele is global, as internet knows no boundaries. The majority of our clients are French, metropolitan and overseas, Belgian, Swiss, Italian, northern European, British, American, Canadian...

Its very good ranking in search engines is the result of our significant investments since our early years. Competition is tough for the best spots on search engines. For example: ™ is in first position of the first page of for the keywords “villa Provence”and appears ahead of 30,300,000 other websites.

The history of Maisons en Vacances

We created Maisons en Vacances because we owned a villa in the Var and wanted to have a flexible and efficient way to rent our house. Existing facilities all had drawbacks:

- Traditional agencies increased the renting price by 30%, and therefore brought only very demanding foreign customers, desiring to get the best out their money ;

- paid advertisements required a large expenditure, without any guarantee of success ;

- free classified ads generated a lot of irrelevant phone calls and occasioned an important waste of time and low efficiency ;

- a personal website, with too many local competitiors, was submerged by their number and had very little chance to emerge.

We imagined Maisons en Vacances with the mindset of seeking freedom, flexibility, transparency and efficiency. We used computer technology and the Internet in particular, so that our business would be profitable, efficient and professional. These investments have provided us with a successful business model and productive results, at the service of homeowners. 8 years later, with more than half a million unique visitors per year, we launched ™ for our summer-in-Provence-customers, can have the pleasure of finding sunshine throughout the year with the same process.

Dominique Bonnet, founder.

Legal notice

Unlike many foreign competitors providing "holiday rentals in France", SARL Maisons en Vacances is a company made in France.

Holiday rentals in France are a regulated profession that requires a professionnel real estate agent card. Maisons en Vacances is approved : card # CPI 9712 2015 000 001 335 CCI de France. SARL registered in Pointe-à-Pitre - France RCS 813 817 640.

Monsieur Dominique Bonnet

Manager and Director of publication


Maisons en Vacances

44 rue Becquerel

97122 Baie-Mahault – France

phone in France : 04 84 25 14 85

phone in Guadeloup : 06 90 39 12 69

phone in Belgium : 02 318 14 85

phone in UK: 020 3445 0685

fax : +33 979 94 58 73